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Truffles of the month

Everywhere there are interesting people doing interesting things.

Featured Truffle

The Badger debuts this month with Maureen Russell, South Florida Beekeeper pictured here at the Farmer’s Market, Tropical Park on Bird Road, Miami.

Q: How long have you been working with bees

Maureen Russell Beekeeper Extraordinaire

Maureen Russell
Beekeeper Extraordinaire

A: About two and a half years.

Q: I understand that you are allergic to bee stings?

A: Yes …

Q: Then why …?

A: The bees are in trouble.

Find out more about Maureen and her amazing range of organic products at here


Truffle of Achievement

Goes to Joe Adler, artistic director at Gable Stage

The marquee at The Colony Theatre, Miami Beach

The marquee at The Colony Theatre, Miami Beach. South Florida is full of passionate theatre artists, but to have brokered a three-cornered production with the RSC, The Public and his own theatre, Gable Stage is an extraordinary achievement. Kudos to the man who made it happen.


Astonished Truffle of Astonishment.

Every now and then you see something that defies parody. I pulled over and asked the lady if she minded if I took a photograph. She smiled and said, “Not at all.” So this photo is published by her kind permission. See my opinion here

obamacare = communism hmn...?

obamacare = communism hmn…?


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